Cans not enough?

Rent a keg! Kegs are a great solution for large group events such as weddings and birthday parties. Have a home kegerator system? Put us on tap! Fill out the form below and we’ll confirm your request and rental date.


10L 66 New England IPA: $80
10L Le Sneak Belgique Witbier: $65
10L Rice Krispy Boi Lager: $60
10L Lumberjack Double IPA: $73
10L Grandpa’s Sweater Oatmeal Stout: $65


30L 66 New England IPA: $210.60
30L Le Sneak Belgique Witbier: $181.35
30L Rice Krispy Boi Lager: $169.65
30L Lumberjack Double IPA: $193.05
30L Grandpa’s Sweater Oatmeal Stout: $181.35

Seasonal styles & pricing will vary. Send us a request.

Tap Rental: $25/week

Fill out the form to order your keg!

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Keg Rental Agreement Terms & Damage Deposits


More keg queries:

How can I pay?

You can pay for your keg by credit, debit, or cash. All rental deposits must be paid by credit card.

When is my deposit refunded?

Deposits for kegs are refunded when the kegs are returned. Taps are checked by production staff to ensure they are in working condition, this may take 1-2 business days. Once checked by production staff, the tap refund is processed. Returns are processed immediately by our Square Payment System. Your banking institution may take up to 9-21 business days to release the funds into your account. All financial institutions vary, however in our experience most institutions release the funds within a couple business days to their clients.

What type of kegs do you use and how big are they?

We use sankey kegs. 10L kegs are 12” in height and 10” in diameter. 30L kegs are 24” in height and 10” in diameter.

Will you fill my personal keg?

We do not fill personal kegs.

What happens if I have trouble setting up my keg?

We will go over tap & keg set up when you pickup your keg. Watch the video below for quick & helpful tips on setting up your keg and how to properly use the pump taps. For any questions not included in the video or these FAQs, please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How to Tap a Keg