Safer Space Policy

At Barn Hammer Brewing Company it is extremely important to us that we provide a welcoming and safe environment for everyone. We are committed to creating a safer space for every person who enters our building whether as patrons, staff, or peripheral companies who work with our brewery. This includes our taproom, our production space, the events we attend and host, collaborations and partnerships, and any organizations, companies, or vendors with which we conduct business with.

We have a zero-tolerance policy on abusive, hateful, sexist, racist, homophobic, and transphobic actions or speech, including dismissive, harassing, threatening or aggressive behaviour or language, as well as silent harassment or intimidation such as staring.

We want to assure all of our patrons and staff that we are doing everything we can to prevent this kind of behaviour in any capacity, and will take the necessary steps to deal with any person who is in violation of our policy. If a patron is engaging in any behaviour or language that is making another patron or staff feel unsafe, our staff will ask that individual to leave the establishment. These acts may also result in permanent banning from our establishment. If a member of your party violates this policy, you may also be asked to leave. We fully support our employees in their decisions to ask any such individuals to leave.

We are committed to providing an inclusive, accessible space for all to enjoy. We ensure access to wheelchair accessible washrooms and seating, as well as providing accessible entry and exit ways. Our staff will assist anyone who may require alternative accommodations to ensure that everyone who enters our taproom feels welcome. Branding, signage, and merchandise also have the potential to be harmful when they include language or imagery that can be offensive, insensitive, or invite harassment, regardless of intention. We are committed to creating inclusive and inoffensive branding, merchandise, and printed material, this includes the naming of our products, as well as imagery on our merchandise and cans. If any staff member, patron, or individual feels that any of our products, signage, and/or merchandise may have branding or imagery that fails to align with our Code of Conduct, please reach out to us immediately and we will conduct a thorough review.

We understand that even subtle words and actions can cause harm and want our community to feel safe in coming to us with anything they feel we can improve upon.

We want to hold our industry to a higher standard of equality and inclusivity. We feel that asking others in our industry to do the same is the only way we can start moving towards real change.

How have we begun to actionize these policies?

  • Our staff recently participated in a workshop conducted by Red Tent Winnipeg with a focus on creating Safer Spaces as well as Bystander Intervention information. This workshop helped to inform us on how to better actionize our safer spaces policies and tools on how to appropriatetly respond to disclosures of discrimination, sexualized violence, and conflict particularly connected to any form of systemic oppression (eg. sexual violence, racism).
  • Owners & management consulted with Red Tent Winnipeg for a review and examination of our Code of Conduct and Safer Space policies.
  • Staff participated in an online by-stander intervention training session against public harassment.
  • Our website now features a resource page accessible to anyone in the craft beer and hospitality industry who is looking for, resources, guidance, or advice.
  • Regular meetings with all staff to reflect on our current policies and what we can do moving forward to ensure our space continues to be safe and inclusive for all.
  • Actively listen and reflect on feedback from our employees and community.
  • Actively updating our signage & policies based on feedback & recommendations from our communityand staff.
  • We have begun implementing contracts to all external companies, vendors and organizations with whom we have ongoing working relationships. These contracts present our values and expectations, specifically outlining our Safer Space policies and Code of Conduct. These contracts must be signed before moving forward or continuing any business, and before allowing individuals from those businesses access to our space.
  • Contracts are submitted to the organizers of any future events we attend such as festivals and tournaments to ensure that our staff are safe while working offsite and to encourage all events we work with to also include a Safer Space policy for their event.


Creating a safer space for all is an ongoing effort. If you feel there are any ways in which we can improve or update our space, policies, or practices, we’d welcome your thoughts. Please contact us with any feedback.

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